The orthocaps TwinAligner® system makes orthodontic correction easier to use — and harder to see! Transparent hardCAPS aligners, worn during the day, remain nearly invisible throughout treatment. Your orthocaps aligners can be taken out in seconds flat and as often as you need (in order to brush your teeth for example), then reinserted just as easily. Made of lightweight synthetic material, orthocaps aligners offer total comfort and do not affect your speech.

The orthodontic correction system designed by orthocaps comprises two types of transparent aligners that differ from one another in both composition and amount of pressure exerted. This innovation is called TwinAligner®.

The TwinAligner® system was designed by Dr. Wajeeh Khan, an orthodontist, to meet the demand (especially among adults) for invisible and painless orthodontic correction. Our use of flexible, transparent synthetic materials provides, for the first time, an optimal response to this need.

Painless hardCAPS aligners blend discreetly into patients’ daily lives. At night, softoCAPS provide a corrective action.

This system of alternating pressures offered by TwinAligner®, coupled with nonstop collaboration between orthodontists and orthocaps specialists, has led to an orthodontic correction technique of peerless precision and efficacy.


100% Biocompatible

Because they are manufactured from biocompatible synthetic materials, orthocaps aligners exhibit perfect tolerance. This is absolutely crucial since they come into direct contact with the patient’s teeth, gums, and skin. We consider it our responsibility towards orthodontists and patients alike to always guarantee maximum tolerance.


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